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"The body changes consciousness - consciousness is changing behavior - behavior affects the outcome of the situation in the choice of the employer." Perform 6 elements, promotes the secretion of testosterone. The body gains strength. Forceful behavior of the body within 3 minutes to change the employer's decision in your favor. The applicant doubts: "It will not be me. I'll feel an impostor, I take a position where I can not place." But playing the role, you will soon discover: "Wow - I did it." Tricks lead to big changes in life. Achieved excellent results, "3 minutes, 3 minutes, 3 minutes ..."

A body-oriented art therapy method

The therapeutic effort of Holistic Motion System (HMS) is directed at restoring patient's wholeness, intensifying the individuation process and eliminating the causes of basal inner conflict.

HYPERBOREAN FIGHTERS ARE BACK Hyperborea is something very distant. Some semi-mythical personages, populating an ancient continent that has been submerged Ц who are they, how
are they related to us and how did we manage to get their knowledge ?
Hyperborea used to be the Northern original motherland of the mankind. This is where the very foundations of the human race have been laid. We have managed to reach this knowledge collecting elements from different ancient and often hard to reach sources then bringing them together like the pieces of some jigsaw. And the most important thing is that anyone can feel the genetic memory of the Hyperboreans in his own body. When the climate of the Earth changed, the Northern continent where the Hyperboreans lived found itself below the water and people settled at other different places. Many of them started to live at present East European territory and have become the ancient SlavsТ ancestors. One of the most important settlements was Saint-Petersburg. The Slavonic myths as well as the Slavonic martial art present the heritage of this ancient civilization to a great extent. Many people feel the movements practised in the Hyperborean martial art as something very familiar to them, vernacular. This is how the genetic memory works.

Nik Koudriashov

Russia, St-Peterburg


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